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“Our mission is to create the next generation of protein pharmaceuticals to combat major human diseases”

Borean Pharma was established with the objective to further improve and utilize a unique protein-technology platform which is expected to have the potential for the design, development and production of a new generation of pharmaceutical protein products with up to now unseen speed, safety and competitive advantage. The company is aiming to achieve the optimal utilization of its competitive position through the establishment of selected strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical companies for specific products, which at the outset are expected to be within the cancer therapy area. The new generation of pharmaceutical protein products represent a considerable potential as these products, in the long term, are expected to be the successors of the antibody based technology that currently constitutes the basis for the majority of the pharmaceutical protein products presently under clinical development.

The future products of are expected to be able to achieve a strong position in the marketplace, as they represent next-generation products successor of many therapeutic antibodies which are facing logistic and commercial barriers such as scarce production capacity, high development and production costs and inherently low design flexibility of the antibody framework.

From a socio-economic point of view the impact is also expected to be considerable. For example, the therapeutic needs of a growing number of small patient groups remain unanswered because economics prevent the application of current antibody technology to address such unmet needs.