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The technology platform of Borean Pharma was from the beginning developed in Laboratory for Gene Expression, Aarhus University, Denmark as technology platform for a number of research projects relating to the structure and function of modular proteins. The commercialisation of the first established elements of this technology platform was implemented in 1993 where the founders of Borean Pharma Hans Christian Thøgersen and Michael Etzerodt, in co-operation with Cheminova A/S, Denmark established their first spin-off company, Denzyme ApS, which was successfully developed and acquired by Cambridge Antibody Technology Ltd., Great Britain three years later.

The founders, Cambridge Antibody Technology Ltd. and the pre/seed-investor NOVI A/S agreed in 2001 to unite all the elements of the technology platform of Borean Pharma, and jointly endeavour to raise venture capital for the establishment of a biotechnological company on this basis. As a result of this process, a first round financing of EUR 10.7 million was closed in December 2001. This was the first biotech/pharma venture investment carried out in the Aarhus region.